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Headquartered in Minas Gerais, ISOESPUMA is a Brazilian company with extensive experience in branch foams for industries. Since 2003, we serve the most diverse segments, such as academic, agricultural, automotive, aviation, construction, packaging, sport / academies, pharmaceutical, industrial, computer, electrical electronic, and nautical.

Over the years, we have strived, tirelessly, excellence foam solutions. We work flexibly, adapting us to better serve our customers - from the production, distribution, until the consultative sales process and partnership projects executed.

Professionals with deep EXPERIENCE in the segment, is prepared to meet the strict requirements of the market. We seek to exceed the expectations of our customers, concocting relizando parts and services according to the most reputable standards quality. Our professionals are able to perform all process operations with safety, quality and technical, fundamental to serve our customers on time, quality, specifications and quantity contracted.

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